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As I said before, the first SAKC [1] prototype Board was finished, Adam sent
the design files for PCB production yesterday, so, we can start the mounting
and testing phase the next week.

SAKC specification are [2]:

Ingenic JZ4725 processor (JZ4740 with TQFP package)
Up to 500k Spartan 3E FPGA
LCD connector (We can use the same Nano LCD)
mini USB Device
SD Memory
Stereo Audio Lines (input/Output)
10 Analog to Digital channels
25 Digital General Purpose Input/Output signals
RS232 Serial Port
I2C port

The main goal of SAKC platform is allow the creation of real world projects,
using analog and digital interfaces with a powerful processor you can use
SAKC from different levels:

1. As Embedded Linux Development kit: You can customize the Linux kernel for
your application. You can learn the whole process behind Linux: Boot
process, Linux architecture, Linux drivers creation.
2. As tool for co-design development: You can create your own peripheral on
SAKC's FPGA and control it from SAKC processor.
3. Create artistic or publicity projects: The wide variety of ports and
interface signals allow: controlling real world
devices, interactive systems, multimedia applications.
4. Academic tool: For use in Physics laboratories.
5. Robotics: SAKC is a perfect tool for robotics, you can drive a lot of
Servo motors, and you can read a lot of sensor's signals. You can use
commercial sensor with I2C protocol.
6. As HW/SW Hacking tool, you can use SAKC just for fun, download a lot of
applications and running then on SAKC board.

We decide to use Linux for development, we test eCos and rockbox, eCos port
is very old from 2005, and don't support the JZ4740. so we need a lot of
work for use it. Rockbox already support JZ4740, but just few  people work
on this chip, and Rockbox have a specific target: MP4 devices, and maybe we
can't find many developers, for this specific platform.

So our plan is use the work made by Mirko, Lars, Xiangfu,. We want to create
 a new platform SAKC, for kernel and u-boot repository, there are little
differences between nano and SAKC platforms, we will post the new files and
changes for the new platform.

The next activities on SAKC project are:

1. Mount and test the first prototypes.
2. Create the SAKC platform on openwrt QI repository.
3. Test the existing useful applications on SAKC board.
3. Write basic applications for drive FPGA peripherals.
4. Make an exploration of useful SW for Hi - Level Programming, like Arduino
API, Turtle-Arts [3], logo based tools [4] , labview[5], LEGO minndstorm
tool [6]
5. Create/Adapt a High level Programming tool.

We can execute the first 4 task relatively quickly, For the 5 task we need
some help from developers, right now, a little team in Colombia will work on

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Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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