Boot Error after flashing (Wrong Image Format for bootm command) -- SOLVED

Klaus Fuerth Klaus.Fuerth at
Wed Feb 24 09:23:49 EST 2010


on 2010-02-24 Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:
> Hi
> Could you try what David suggest while having set NAND_FORCEERASE=1 in
> your /usr/local/etc/xburst-tools/usbboot.cfg

Done. That solved my problem, the device boots again! :-) :-)

Thank you all very much for helping me out and getting a working device 
again! :-)

So what do you think cause this problem:
* the sectors maked as bad in NAND (would be bad, because that could happen)
* the rest of my test-installation with wrong Images (formats, what ever)?

I would like to build the openwrt-image again (and hopfully it will run 
next time) to add some ported software (maybe I begin from scatch 
downloading openwrt to be shure no errors are at my build environment).

Looking forward to your next images....

Klaus (very happy again with a working Ben ;-) )

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