Boot Error after flashing (Wrong Image Format for bootm command)

Klaus Fuerth Klaus.Fuerth at
Wed Feb 24 09:44:17 EST 2010


on 2010-02-24 Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Since you flashed multiple times, do you remember whether there was
> anything different the last time you flashed (the first flash after
> which it wouldn't load the kernel anymore)?
I flashed my own image before, but it doesn't boot (same error message). 
Since this time I had that problem.

> The bad block in kernel section is probably not handled correctly
> either by usbboot or u-boot, or how the two work together.
> If Lars' idea of FORCEERASE does not fix the problem, we have to fix
> the underlying bad block issue.
So if there is really a bad block in the kernel section, the device 
would not be able to boot anymore?
It would be great if it could boot completely from the sd, so one can 
test different images (which might be created further on) or have 
different distros on Ben.


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