vido development - openzim client needs your help

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Thu Feb 25 05:28:17 EST 2010

Hey there,

As I am sure not many of you know I was working on an openzim[1] reader
written in C++ using gtkmm on directfb.

Everything went its way and we made good progress. But now I have come
across a problem which I cannot solve by myself.

DirectFB provides us with a nice little cursor which I wanted to map to the
4-way key on the NanoNote's keyboard in order to make clikcing links in wiki
articles a lot easier (right now one needs to tab through all links on the

Gtk also has a function for this called "WarpCursor". This works very nicely
on X11 but it was never implemented for DirectFB. Gtk simply returns "not

I went about and searched like crazy and found a test function offering the
same functionality [3]. I moved it to the correct file [4] and the cursor
does in fact move, but the position is not updated on the gtk widget. Which
results in the cursor being useless.

I have spent a lot of time on trying to find out why the position is not
updated, but I am not able to.

So I will seize from vido development for now as we have more pressing

I would be super happy if anyone with more knowledge about C, Gtk and
directfb would find out why the position is not updated. As an offline
openzim reader would really be something.

I have put my (bad) trial code in a development branch in the vido
repository[4]. If you wanna pick up the fight and want more info or
anything, please let me know.

I really think an openzim reader would be very very handy and could give
this project a nice boost. GtkHtml (which we currently use) can also display
images, has internal linking without much work etc.

Most of the functionality is in fact already implemented, there is only
small glitches, such as an ever resizing window and the cursor which are
blocking this ...

Let's get this to work!



[2] [gtk source dir]/gdk/directfb/gdkwindow-
directfb.c function:gdk_display_warp_pointer
[3] [gtk source dir]/gdk/directfb/gdktestutils-directfb.c function:
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