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> You seem to overestimate the difficulty of using it :)
> You can boot nommu Linux on it today - the few people I know who have a
> ML401
> have been successful at doing it. Developing drivers for your particular
> peripheral is like developing a driver for any other one. Furthermore,
> adding
> peripherals is easy - last August, I was giving a workshop at /tmp/lab about
> developing and adding simple peripherals (things like GPIO controllers and
> beep generators) to Milkymist, and even people with < 30 hours of FPGA
> programming experience were able to do it.

We (emQbit) already implemented  lot of custom peripherals on FPGAs,
for microblaze processors, We want to use Milkymist in a near future,
we want to break the link with Xilinx's EDK. Some years ago I run
Linux on Spartan3 FPGA (with MB processor). And maybe I overestimate
the difficulty :)

> In terms of performance, Milkymist beats Xilinx Microblaze - making it a
> FAST softcore platform:

Yes we are reading about it, I'm planning to use a small Milkymist
version on my computer architecture course. Right now Im using mips
PLASMA, Can I sinthesize a simple MM application on small FPGA? Where
can I find info about the MilkyMist architecture? I mean
michroarchitecture, instruction set, block diagram, memory map, etc

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