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Sat Feb 27 14:25:35 EST 2010

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 11:36:49AM -0500, Carlos Camargo wrote:
> SAKC is basically one NANONOTE without case, right now NANONOTE is a closed
> platform, I mean, you can't interface Nano with the external world in easy
> way. NANONOTE is a perfect tool for software development, and because of
> that, we have a lot of Software developers in our lists, and just three
> hardware developers. So, the question is: We want to attract hardware
> developers? or the Qi target is just the SW side?

You're saying HW people can buy a SAKC instead of a NN.  This is fine.
We should know that this is how we see things.  Originally, the idea
(AFAIK) was to make the SAKC an extension to the NN, not a replacement.

As I wrote, I think the interesting part of being an extension is
possible for much less money.

> Projects like MilkyMist are very specialized and require a big background
> and specific skills, rare to find. So I feel that Right now the HW side
> needs recruit more HW developers. And SAKC will make this task. Without
> hardware developers in our community projects like AVT2, SAKC, has no sense,
> just sell NANONOTE as SW development tool. BEN NANONOTE is not useful for
> derivated commercial products, you need a lot of interface signals/ports in
> the real world. SAKC wants to fill this gap.

So as I thought you say people use it instead of, not with, a NN.  I
think this is indeed a much more interesting option.

> About the Wolfgang question about special connectors:
> SAKC is a general board, we can design a lot of interfaces or "shields" for
> different applications, of course, one of them will be one interface with
> Analog outputs/inputs with special connectors. We will design daughter
> boards for robotics, measurement, control, applications.

Right.  That sounds good.

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