some thoughts on SAKC

Carlos Camargo cicamargoba at
Sat Feb 27 15:03:45 EST 2010

> You're saying HW people can buy a SAKC instead of a NN.  This is fine.
> We should know that this is how we see things.  Originally, the idea
> (AFAIK) was to make the SAKC an extension to the NN, not a replacement.

You're right, but NN lack extension ports, so, The only way to connect
BEN with sack is using a SDIO device, we will use the FPGA for this
task, but I hink that has no sense use BEN to control SAKC. Both use
the same processor, and can run the same software (SAKC can use the
BEN's LCD). Think in SAKC as BEN with a lot of input/outputs, without

For example if you want to control a physics laboratory, you can
program the application using the BEN development tools, you can store
the results in SAKC's SD card, and display interesting data on
optional SAKC LCD.

If you want to connect aditional hardware you can use the SAKC ports
to drive it,

> As I wrote, I think the interesting part of being an extension is
> possible for much less money.

SAKC will be cheaper than BEN, because is a OEM product, so don't need
an specfic case (but we must thik in a generic box), SAKC don't use

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