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On Saturday 27 February 2010 19:48:13 Carlos Camargo wrote:
> Can I sinthesize a simple MM application on small FPGA?

See for an example. Runs on the $39 
Avnet Spartan-3A evaluation kit. Linux does not work there because this board 
lacks SDRAM, but you can run small applications that fit in the flash and/or 
on-chip RAM.

Usually, when porting Milkymist to a new FPGA or board, the two problems are:
* SDRAM, as already discussed; plus, you may need some not-so-usual skills to 
clock it properly and adapt the I/O registers to other FPGAs than Virtex-4 and 
* getting the NOR flash written properly; every board comes with its own tool 
that has its peculiarities (swapping byte orders, not letting you write in any 
format, ...)
Most (i.e. except double data rate registers for SDRAM and clock managers, 
which cannot be inferred) of the design is pure behavioral and portable 
Verilog-HDL, which should go without a hitch.

> Right now Im using mips PLASMA

I guess Milkymist/LM32 will probably be much faster (3 to 8 times depending on 
your application), for only about 15% more FPGA resources (those are very 
rough estimates based on reading the code and the project info, I have not 
actually benchmarked the speed of the Plasma system).

> Where can I find info about the MilkyMist architecture? I mean
> michroarchitecture, instruction set, block diagram, memory map, etc

Everything is here:


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