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Lars-Peter Clausen lars at metafoo.de
Sun Feb 28 21:29:06 EST 2010

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Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Lars,
>> But the driver has some issues which could/should be fixed. Javi
> Could you briefly list some issues you saw? Or you think we have?
> Even one line per issue helps, so others know what to look out for.
One big issue is that you can't remove and then reinsert the card
without rebooting in between. Other then that currently my complains
are limited to interesting coding techniques used in their driver. I'm
going write it down on the wiki page for the driver.

> Also, the problem of lack of documentation is that
> Renesas/Keystream thinks that the driver they made is bug-free, and
> no documentation is necessary. If Hiroki Sugimoto (the head of
> Keystream engineering) is still around and Renesas still actively
> supporting the product (not sure haven't talked to them in 6
> months), then I could go back to Hiroki with a list of specific
> issues we ran into.

Well, even if their driver was 100% bugfree we still want to cleanup
the stylistic issues to get it into a shape where it can be submitted
upstream. And by doing so it's possible to introduce slight changes.
We are currently working with a black box: We can send input and get
output back, from which we can try conclude certain rules on what to
expect when we send similar input. But we can't be sure, because we
have no idea how the back box works internally. And especially with
complex stuff like wifi it can become frustrating if something doesn't
work although you thought it should.

- - Lars
> Maybe I could even give a NanoNote to some of their engineers,
> actually... But it all starts with knowing what doesn't work.
> Wolfgang
> On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 01:40:35AM +0100, Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:
>  Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
>>>> This list has been very quiet regarding status of the microSD
>>>> WiFi device that is being tested with Ben Nanonote.
>>>> I remember an email that was sent using the WiFi, I asked
>>>> what the distance was, (pretty good actually).
>>>> How many developers have the WiFi card, and what are the next
>>>> steps if any?
>>>> The ability to add WiFi to Nanonote would obviously yield
>>>> very happy results in terms of sales.
>>>> Is this the elephant in the room we are all ignoring? ;)
> Hi
> Well, we do have the driver source which was dumped by Renesas
> KeyStream. It works quite well, as in you can use it to go online.
> Actually, once when my laptops wifi card couldn't - for whatever
> reason - see the hotspot i wanted to connect to, I routed the
> traffic through my nanonote :) But the driver has some issues which
> could/should be fixed. Javi showed interest in past in doing so,
> but hasn't happened much since then. One problem that still exits
> is lack of documentation so if the card behaves unexpected we can't
> be sure what to do to behave properly. Everything is just guesswork
> based on the existing code.
> - Lars

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