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james, did you mind if we port that to the discussion list?,

2010/2/24 James Haggerty <james.haggerty at>:
> After poking around on the wiki for a couple of hours, I'm a bit
> concerned at the potential for clashes between the NanoNote and other
> devices. At the moment there's a lot of content with little to no
> mention of the NanoNote that clearly refers only to it (e.g. software
> lists, porting programs, etc.). But of course with additional devices,
> each of these are likely to want software pages and similar.
> Without knowing much about MediaWiki, would introducing a MediaWiki
> namespace for each device be appropriate? What are the other options?
you mean something like,

Maybe something similar to categories like OM wiki, or tag like a blog
post , that are visible under the title of the wikipage will also fit,
isn't it?
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