USB Wifi dongle with libre driver support

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Mon Jan 4 01:45:34 EST 2010

Someone (Wolfgang ;) mumbled at one point that
USB host mode may not be a good idea fro Nanonote,
one reason being power (agree on that) the other being
as I recall the fragility of the micro usb connector.

Even so, haveing USB host mode opens up a world of
interesting addons, even if the cabling may be a little

For example, here is a USB wifi dongle that works with
free, libre drivers. Cool!

I realize we are working on a microSD wifi. But one
wonders what the wireless performance will be with the tiny (!!)
antenna buried inside the Nanonote case.

anyway, maybe somebody with one of the handful
of prototypes that has USB host mode working can
try this Linksys wifi thingie.
Ron K. Jeffries

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