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Thu Jan 7 05:03:35 EST 2010

Victor and I will go there and we have a lightning talk
accepted(15minutes) about Qi hardware and Ben, we will go there te two
days of fosdem, and I'm trying to reachPhilippe des Wert of the
mobile&embedded devroom(no success yet), to have some place there to
stay and show and demo.
On my todo list is the creation of a wiki page about FOSDEM to prepare
the speach and whatever you decide to do there related to Qi Hardware

2010/1/7 Bas Wijnen <wijnen at>:
> Hello everyone,
> Just a short note: I'm going to FOSDEM (6+7 februari) and would like to
> meet anyone from this list who's also going.  So if you are, please let
> me know and we can arrange something.
> Thanks,
> Bas
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