games for the Nanonote

Zeartul zeartul at
Thu Jan 7 12:26:03 EST 2010

A couple of updates of my game ports:

New ports:
* frotz - interpreter of the Z-machine interactive fiction games
* powder - a graphical roguelike game

* prboom (now renamed to czdoom, as it uses czdoom hacked prboom
sources) - compiled with network support
* openliero - fixed the colordepth problems

In developement (not avaliable yet):
* glfrontier - the game runs fine, but the legal status of this port
is uncertain. See [1] for details
* psx4all - have to find time to recompile it with the patch from lars
to get a couple more fps and fix problem with colordepth in some games
* openggs - problems with transparency in 32bit color mode

All the games available at the usual place [2]


PS. Looking for people to test the multiplayer in czdoom. So far
tested it only on a local network connection with my PC

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