upload zImage to Ben NanoNote

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Fri Jan 8 04:27:02 EST 2010

>> Bas Wijnen wrote:
>>>> direct boot to usbboot mode:
>>>>   1. upload the stage1 to device. (for init PLL, SDRAM, Serial Console)
>>>>   2. upload the u-boot.bin to 0x80100000
>>>>   3. run the u-boot.bin at 0x80100000
>>>> u-boot work fine. but stop at "Starting kernel ..." after read the kernel form nand. Uncompress kernel etc.

Hi Bas Wijnen
I found the different between u-boot.bin and u-boot-nand.bin is
there are init CP0_STATUS and CP0_CAUSE in u-boot-nand.bin
so boot kernel will work fine. 

I add init CPU0_STATUS and CP0_CAUSE in stage1. then upload zImage work fine.
here is the patch:

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