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2010/1/8 Bas Wijnen <wijnen at>:
> On Fri, Jan 08, 2010 at 01:06:26PM +0100, David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
>> Philippe De Swert has just reply me , we have room to have a more long
>> speach about Qi Hardware and Ben Nanonote in the Movile&Embedded
>> devroom (in addition of the lightning talk), and we have at least a
>> place to stay and easy found in the FOSDEM :) the two days
>> Philippe needs a proposal/s ASAP to send to FOSDEM , "end of this
>> week" he says so any volunteer or proposal draft will be welcome.
>> Regards
> Hi,
> Not sure what you're asking, so this may not be a proper answer. ;-)
> Anyway, if you want talks for nanonote-related things for the embedded
> devroom, I could give a talk about Iris.  This is of course not a talk
> about qi hardware, but it may be a bit about Ben (after all, that's
> currently the main platform it runs on, and the coolest one).
> I'd probably make the talk about writing an operating system in general,
> with some specifics about capabilities, and what they mean for the user.
> Obviously there will be a demonstration of Iris running on a Ben. :-)
> If this is what you mean, and you want me to give the talk, I'd like to
> know what you need from me, and how long the talk should be.  Also, I'd
> like to know what people on this list want to hear about Iris, so I can
> make the talk more interesting. :-)
> Thanks,
> Bas
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COOL this can be an interesting talk and can show the flexibiliy of
the device, also willing to see what Kristoffer was cooking this ,
along with Zeartul games and Xianfu dMenu(any code/package available?
) is a lot of material to be busy during the 2 days making this little
cool thing shine :)

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