Nanonote as console considered useful

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Sat Jan 9 15:23:00 EST 2010

Nanonote even w/o WiFi would make a clever console
for controlling these gadgets. Can we do it EASILY
without host mode on USB? (displaying my ignorance)

Iomega has a cool $100 device with WiFi,
1x Gig Ethernet port and 4xUSB. The processor
is from Marvell, and it ships in Feb 2010.

The "Plug" computer [2] came out about a year ago,
and has achieved some traction. The newest version is
(a lot) faster, but it still needs an intelligent  console
(because I say so. ;)

Nanonote connected to a network will be a great
Twitter or or IM display port.


Ron K. Jeffries

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