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2010/1/10 Jon Phillips <jon at>:
> Apologies, losing track in this thread.
> Yes, I can setup with the big presentation to give big scale view, then plug
> in Mirko to talk Qi specifics, tech stuff, then anyone else to plug-in?
> So, big talk 45 minutes + 15 minutes question. That gives me time to set
> things up, then time for mirko and anyone else, right?
Just to clarify, you are suggesting speach #1 & #2 join in a big talk
of 45 mins?
I think this is better than two separate speachs, will easy Philippe
work on planning the schedule of the dev room
so Speach #1 becomes
Speech #1
Title:Qi Hardware: Shanzhai vs Qi Inside, Ben NanoNote
Speaker:Jon Phillips//Mirko Lindner?
Speakers Bio:?????<-(yes this is a gap :P)
Time:45mins+15mins Q&A
Description:Shanzhai vs. Qi Inside Making Legal Open Source Hardware in China
Shanzhai VS. Qi Inside investigates the Shanzhai technology culture in
China, analyzes its positive and negative aspects, and announces a new
legal approach to build off the best parts of Shanzhai technology.
This approach uses a mixture of Creative Commons licensing for
hardware plans, Free Software licensing for software used to run the
hardware, and open patents for the novel technological innovations. Do
 you have Qi Inside your hardware?
Ben Nanonote is the first real product on market using the approach
mentioned above, we will describe it in deep and doing a live  demo on
the device

> Otherwise, just tell me what to do and where to be :)
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