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On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 02:55:57AM +0100, David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
> Speach #3
> Title:Iris, a new capability-based microkernel OS
> Speaker:Bas Wijnen
> Speaker Bio:
Bas studied physics and is currently working as a high school physics
teacher in the Netherlands.  He has worked both on software and small
hardware hobby projects.  He started writing kernels when there was a
lot of talk about a new microkernel for the GNU Hurd, but no
> Time:???
How much can I get?  I made a quick estimate, and I can give a talk of
about 40 minutes excluding questions, which I think is too long.  Should
I try to go for 25 minutes?
> Description:???
Iris is a new capability-based microkernel operating system.  Being a
microkernel system, it is easy to work on things which on other systems
need kernel programming (and root priviledges).  Being a
capability-based system, it allows transparent virtualization of
everything.  This leads to improved security to such a degree, that the
user can really trust the computer.  A capability-based system also
allows easy monitoring of communication.  Another nice feature is that
the user can swap target devices under a running program.

Currently, Iris runs on QI Hardware's Ben NanoNote.  This is a
particularly cool device for it, because their copyleft hardware
philosophy is very much in line with the features of Iris.
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