Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Sun Jan 10 05:24:19 EST 2010

>> You can use the chalkboard or a Notebook + Beamer (don't forget  
>> your VGA
>> adapters!). Once I had brought my Video Cam and connected to the  
>> beamer to
>> show content of a small Sharp Zaurus display.
> Cool I can bring my own cam for the nanonote demo, Nikolauss you know
> if beamer has SVideo or Composite in? if not I could try to borrow a
> Analogic  to VGA adapter but no promises.

Well, you know only when you are there (but you can try to visit/ 
inspect the room earlier). There are approx. 40 university rooms in  
parallel use and as usual these beamers are in operation day for day  
during the semesters/trimesters. And if one is broken, it gets  
replaced by another brand... So you may a quite new one or a very old  
one that is only capable of VGA resolution ;) But in my experience  
most older models have at least composite and VGA but no DVI/HDMI.  
With the CamCorder, I connected it to my notebook through FireWire and  
just mirrored the picture to the VGA out :)

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