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Tejas Vaghela tvaghela at
Mon Jan 11 01:19:06 EST 2010

Hi All,

>From last so many days I am looking on the net for running light weight GUI
on xBurst processor. I successfully ported QTOPIA 1.6.5 on xBurst and
running nicely. But I need to run PDF viewer in to xBurst. On "qtopia 1.6.5
" it doesn't support it. I am wondering but at the same time I am not able
to find the answer.

Also I saw a couple of site like "ePDFviewer" and "zathura" are pdf viewer
but it require gtk supports. I am not sure how xBurst will support for GTK?
Means it will slow down the performance or what? 

So I have couple of question?

1.	Does anyone know how to compile any open source PDF reader utility
on "qtopia 1.6.5"?
2.	Does anyone know if I ran gtk 2.10 on xburast with ePDFviewer then
does it work nicely?
3.	What is tinyX? I read it in detail but not sure whether I can run
any PDF viewer in tinyX environment?


Any of above question's answer will help me to move forward in my project as
I am really stuck up and due to that I am getting delayed in project. So
please help me out soon..




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