[Kicad] avt2 RC2

Adam Wang adam at sharism.cc
Mon Jan 11 20:31:46 EST 2010

Hi Carlos,

> Great, please change the whole layout text :)
I committed some samll texts changed in Silks_Cmp layer in avt2 RC2, please
be noticed of it.
changed whole and committed yesterday.

> I'm using TTConv, with this tool you can create .mod files (footprint), You
> must install python:
> apt-get install python2.6
> Ha..yes..I also use TTConv. but followed in windows version. Ok..I'll
install this python2.6. in linux.

> What picture do you want to import?
> I'd like to use this
http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/presskit/buttons/88x31/png/by-sa.png on
Could you help us for this and placement it under battery label area?

>> Also I created a page [2] about Kicad design and Production process, how
>> about this idea?
>> Comments welcome.
> This is a very good idea, I'll add some flow diagrams with the Design
> process.
> That would be great! I'll keep adding something too.
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