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Adam Wang adam at sharism.cc
Tue Jan 12 01:28:59 EST 2010


Is there anyone knows pcb maker with 3.5 mils drill hole and under 3 mils
trace and space?
Although I can find easily here Taipei, but most of them are not familiar
with KiCad. So our goal is to find a maker who really knows KiCad as well
, even the gerber files are accepted with RS-274X format.

These days I tried to find and got info from two pcb makers:
1, [1] GoldPhonenixpcb with 8 mils drill hole capability
2, [2] BatchPCB with 6mil min spacing /trace and 13mil (~0.33 mm) drill size

Above two vendors are having cooperate with Sparkfun also knows Kicad. But
they still not meet our requirments.
So if you know anyone pcb makers with our spec, please let us know. Thanks,
[1] http://www.goldphoenixpcb.biz/
[2] http://www.batchpcb.com/index.php/Home
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