[Company] Weekly Operations Update 1 and 2/2010

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Tue Jan 12 07:41:47 EST 2010


---1 wiki & downloads

We removed 'downloads' from the top bar of our qi-hardware.com site, but you
can still directly go to http://downloads.qi-hardware.com
The reason is that we want to push the wiki as the main way to upload and
document stuff. On the pure downloads server it's much harder to annotate
files, provide helpful instructions, etc.
So the idea is while we may still be uploading files to downloads, we should
focus on the wiki and use the wiki for browsing content, including direct
links to the downloads URL.

---2 Ingenic SVN updates working again

After a downtime of about 2 months, Ingenic SVN updates are working again,
that's for the and Linux kernels as well as usbboot utility.
For some strange reason the 2.6.27 kernel has disappeared, and since we
are rsyncing with --delete, it also disappeared on our server. So much for
'revision control'. We do have backup copies of our server, but I think we
can live with the 2.6.24 and 2.6.31 updates right now.


---3 Qi Inside

We decided to postpone the Qi Inside renaming, and leave everything as is
right now. Tow reasons:
First breaking URLs is bad, so we try to change at a more digestible pace.
For example the wiki was moved to en.qi-hardware.com in preparation of fully
localized wikis, Wikipedia style.
Then we received feedback from several people who thought 'Qi Inside' sounded
like a cheap play on 'Intel Inside', which is not good.
So we decided to first see how the trademark registration process in the US
and Europe goes, and if we received the final trademark (in at least 6-9
months), we can think about how to use 'Qi Inside'.
For now everything stays as it is - Qi Hardware continues to be the name of
our project. Sorry for the confusion :-)

---4 Ben NanoNote availability

800 Ben NanoNotes are sitting at our factory Sunty already. When we did a more
thorough manual test of a batch of 40, we found 2 devices with problems that
should not have passed testing, so now we will re-test all 800 with more rigid
test procedures.
In parallel Mirko Vogt and others continue to work on improved images, and we
are getting ready to reflash the whole first batch with them.
A lot of work was done on our shop at http://nanonote.cc , the backend
processing with our global fulfillment center in Hong Kong is being setup,
Tuxbrain (http://www.tuxbrain.com) will become our EU distributor.
No firm date yet when all this will go live, but I'd say it can't be that
far out... Hopefully!

Keep in touch,

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