Has anybody looked at XMOS

cristian paul peñaranda rojas paul at kristianpaul.org
Tue Jan 12 08:40:38 EST 2010

> Yes, totally purist please. 100% orange juice :-)
> It's just by far the most fun to work in a group of people that doesn't believe
> in the value of hiding or monopolizing information.
> Unfortunately the FSF and Richard Stallman seem somewhat unwilling to wake up
> to the challenge today's super complex yet proprietary hardware poses. rms
> still insists on his 'circuits vs software' idea last time we spoke. If they

I'm curios to read more about that 'circuits vs software', and then be prepared
for future discussions about the topic with people that just "follow" what
rms said.

> don't wake up to the reality of how ICs are designed and made nowadays, free
> software will suffer until they do.

There is way of convince FSF to support free sofware replamcents for example
for the propietary Xilinx tools?
It could be a start point i think...

> Like David from tuxbrain told me a few days ago: Information that you hide
> is like shit, but if you put it out there something will grow on it ;-)
> Wolfgang
> P.S.: Sorry for the long ideology mails, I appreciate Ron's input and maybe
> once in a while we need to repeat the current state of our copyleft thinking.
> It's also evolving... Feedback welcome...
Just is great read those wors, i think i never will so far :)

Great project !

Cristian Paul

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