SCALE conference in Los Angeles

Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at
Tue Jan 12 13:43:03 EST 2010

I agree with Ron that SCALE is an excellent conference at which to get 
the attention of like-minded individuals, people who want to do some 
tinkering and are not looking simply for the latest consumer electronic 
gadget (stay away from CES).

Also to consider is OSSCON, where I hope to be presenting a paper on 

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> The Southern California Linux Expo will
> take place February 19-21 this year
> in Los Angeles, CA.
> This is a first-rate event, and would be a
> GREAT place to show off the Nanonote
> to exactly the right audience.
> Michael Shiloh showed off the OpenMoko
> phone at Scale two or three years ago. I have
> cc'd him so he can add his thoughts. He lives
> near San Franscisco, is familiar with Nanonote,
> and is an Arduino expert.
> [1]
> ---
> Ron K. Jeffries

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