new images and important changes

Mirko Vogt lists at
Thu Jan 14 06:15:19 EST 2010

Hey hackers,

it took a while, however there were many things to do and fix - anyway:
new images are uploaded![1] :)

a rough overview what happened:

- the IP-address for reaching the Ben via the usb-network bridge was
changed due to collisions and is now:

- this and successive images will use the whole NAND and therefore the
full amount of 2GB internal storage - however this increases the mount-
and so the startup time a bit

- due to the gorgeous work of Javi and Lars there is now partial support
for the spectec WiFi microSDIO-card (ks7010 chipset)

- the kernel module subsystem got fixed - kernel modules can now be
built/loaded/unloaded as usual

- the xburst-target got committed into the OpenWrt-repository and is now
part of the OpenWrt project - however, for now main-developement will
still happen within the well-known git-repository managed on

- pressing key 'u' while powering up the NanoNote puts the device into
usbboot-mode from which the NAND may get programmed - no need anymore to
shortcut the usbboot-pins once uboot exists

- linux kernel got leveled up to version 2.6.32

Happy hacking! :)



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