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Hey Kristoffer,

great to have ya back after the exam :) How did it go by the way?

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 12:16 PM, Kristoffer Ericson <
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> Hey,
> Read that 800 units are already made, have you talked when to manufacture
> more
> units (eg. after X number of units sold)?

Haha, a question for the optimists :).

We have not set a specific number as the breaking point, as we need to check
how long that takes as well and what the demand is.
Let me put it this way, whenever "we" and that includes this community,
decide it is time to move on we will, but it may also be that we stick with
the Ben for quite some time, as this little cute device has huge potential
and everyone I meet and talk to gives me new ideas what could be done with
it. Of course the economic side also plays its role.

On the production side everything is prepared to easily manufacture more
Bens, also in the light of special runs etc. catered to exactly one customer
and all that.

I personally hope that the first batch (the 800 plus a few ;) ) are only the
beginning of a long row of Bens.

So I guess the short answer to you questions is yes and no :) yes we have
talked, no there is no list of criteria to met. It is gonna be an
interesting ride :)

Was this what you were after?

Happy copylefting,


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