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Sat Jan 16 08:37:10 EST 2010

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 12:57:14AM -0500, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Paul,
> > What are the goals?
> > Move the OpenRisc may be? :D
> Actually we looked at OpenRISC/OpenCores a lot, and bottom line we think it's
> a failure. Their big idea was to license IC designs under LGPL (notice the
> 'L'), and when companies produce those chips they would add proprietary IP to
> sell the chip. Of course the resulting chips (for example from Beyond
> Semiconductor, were then still proprietary chips only
> available from one manufacturer, so why not take the much more powerful ARM
> or MIPS cores from established semiconductors right away...
established semiconductors but still using propietary IP isnt?
> No idea who thought this could ever work.

So, there is a MIPS/ARM processor with opencore under GPL in mind for the future
copyñeft ASICs?
> So speaking about open chips, we believe in the 100% copyleft approaches (GPL
> not LGPL) such as Milkymist - - REALLY COOL STUFF! :-)
> Back to the SAKC FPGA board, Carlos announced it back in December
> The main goal is to provide an interface to the real world for NanoNotes,
> "allowing applications in robotics, data acquisition, etc." as Carlos said.
> Another goal is that we hope to make the cheapest FPGA development board
> in the world.
That will be great, at least under the price of NN
> Plus:
> *) keep the design and production process totally open, using git/indefero,
> wiki, this list. "Create opportunities to join and actively seek
> participation" :-)
> *) after the AVT2 board Carlos and Adam are currently working on, SAKC will
> be the next round of getting familiar with and using KiCad, this time maybe
> using Werner's fped (footprint editor), developed as part of the gta02-core
> project, for the first time.
> You are very welcome to start playing with the project. Download the SAKC
> KiCad files, get KiCad itself to work (you probably should try to build the
> latest KiCad version from source), maybe check out fped (not sure Carlos has
i'll try, cause actual version is 20090216-final
> decided to try it out or not...)
> What do you think?

I see DSP processing on the NN :)

I also have a questions about protocols
what are the implications for the use of USB because the fees involve in the
use of this technology last time i remenber (may be i'm wrong)


Cristian Paul

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