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in line answering :)

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> > Hey Kristoffer,
> >
> > great to have ya back after the exam :) How did it go by the way?
> Lol, didnt notice the text below

I should probably read up on the RFC to email answering :)

> > We have not set a specific number as the breaking point, as we need to
> check
> > how long that takes as well and what the demand is.
> > Let me put it this way, whenever "we" and that includes this community,
> > decide it is time to move on we will, but it may also be that we stick
> with
> > the Ben for quite some time, as this little cute device has huge
> potential
> > and everyone I meet and talk to gives me new ideas what could be done
> with
> > it. Of course the economic side also plays its role.
> >
> > On the production side everything is prepared to easily manufacture more
> > Bens, also in the light of special runs etc. catered to exactly one
> customer
> > and all that.
> >
> > I personally hope that the first batch (the 800 plus a few ;) ) are only
> the
> > beginning of a long row of Bens.
> >
> > So I guess the short answer to you questions is yes and no :) yes we have
> > talked, no there is no list of criteria to met. It is gonna be an
> > interesting ride :)
> >
> > Was this what you were after?
> >
> Yeah, sounds like a good plan. Keeping it open even planning wise is
> probably the way
> to go.

Yepp, in case if anyone wonders if we fly blind without a map and a sleeping
pilot - no we are not :) Of course we have many ideas and there are many
potential paths we could take. Some of which we have started to explore see
Milkymist for example. Others are just crawling up every now and again.
The main reason why we collect possible paths instead of creating a
"set-in-stone" roadmap is the radical approach this community and the
project itself has taken on - everything as copyleft as possible (which I
really enjoy and I think is the only possible path for the future). However,
there are no books we can read up on this kind of thing and no-one we can
ask for insight, this is completely new and exciting.
I guess most of us here on the list have a background in FLOSS, so we all
know how crucial it is to adapt to new situations quickly and change things
if they don't work. This is exactly the spirit that we are trying to bring
in to our everyday work. Have structure, know your options and create
fallbacks but don't limit yourself to one path only stay flexible and vivid.

Hope this sheds some light and does not create confusion :)

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