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Yes, implementing CPUs an FPGA is not efficient, Xilinx and Altera provide
CHIPS with processor cores, ARM or PPC, and the programable logic, the
problem, this FPGAs are very expensive (hundreds of dolars). The idea with
SAKC is provide  logic resources for make peripherals like PWM controllers,
image sensor driver, step motor controller, etc.


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> I admit, [1] is on the border of being off-topic, but I found
> it interesting because of comments about implementing CPUs in FPGA.
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> At one time Xilinx offered parts with hard logic PowerPC cores, but
> the CPU performance was modest and did not remain competitive over
> time. Xilinx and Altera both now emphasize soft logic CPU cores
> instead. These certainly work... but implementing a CPU in FPGA gates
> is an awfully expensive way to get your software to run.
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> [1]
> As I understand things, the SAKC Carlos is designing does NOT attempt
> to implement a CPU in the FPGA, as the SAKC board includes a cheap
> and powerful microcontroller.
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