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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Jan 16 14:12:58 EST 2010

Carlos & Bas,

> Bas can you add all of your recommendations on wiki? Your comments are very
> valuables for us.

I just did.
In general, our wiki follows ' standard' whenever possible. So
I moved the SAKC page to

I added Bas' feedback to the Talk: page at

When looking at Wikipedia talk/discussion pages in more detail, I noticed
that they say a talk page is not for general discussion of the subject, but
targeted towards improving the article.
Makes sense to me, so I added Bas' feedback under a 'needs to be processed
into article' headline :-)

>From now on when we discuss things on the list that should find a more
lasting place in the wiki, let's add those things (or links to the mailing
list archives) to the Talk: pages in the wiki.

Anyway, BIG THANKS! to Bas for his input, this is exactly where we want to
take the Swiss Army Knife Card :-)

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 10:06:58PM -0500, Carlos Camargo wrote:
> Hi Bas
> Thanks a lot for your reply.
> I'm teacher too (Digital system Design)
> And I want to use SAKC board with Nano for make a device like [1], of course
> we will provide current sensor, and analog inputs, The main goal of this
> project is build an analog interface for Nano.
> > The point here is that while most physics teachers like technical stuff,
> > many are not programmers.  Using the things should not require much
> > learning for non-programmers.  The learning part should be about what is
> > observed, not how to get the measurement running. ;-)
> >
> >
> I agree, because of that I like turtle-art [2] I want to use a similar
> interface for this board, so any people can use this platform, Is very
> important have a good Hardware abstraction layer, and provide many examples
> Anyway, as I write below, I think it makes sense to combine it with a
> > NanoNote.  To keep the combination cheap enough may be slightly harder.
> >
> >
> Another advantage of our solution is the flexibility, many commercial
>  products require special (and expensive) hardware, with our platform you
> can use your own hardware.
> Bas can you add all of your recommendations on wiki? Your comments are very
> valuables for us.
> Best regards
> Carlos
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