Kernel, Uboot new mailinglist?

Kristoffer Ericson kristoffer.ericson at
Mon Jan 18 05:48:52 EST 2010


Wouldnt it be a good idea to split up the mailinglist into kernel+uboot and all other stuff in the generic.
I know that the current load isnt that big (10-15mails/day) but sooner or later this will need to be done
as the userbase/machines increase.

Im not aware of how the merge is going into vanilla but even after 99% is done it will still require
to be maintained.

If people want to add their own quirks into the kernel/uboot those are also best answered within
a proper mailinglist instead of having other all users (userland, update-eager, ... ) needing
to sort through.

Best wishes

Kristoffer Ericson <kristoffer.ericson at>

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