Libre wifi for Ben Nanonote (was: Re: Libre GNU/Linux PDAs)

Daniel Clark dclark at
Mon Jan 18 10:33:20 EST 2010

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 11:26 PM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> Daniel,
>> I'm vaguely aware of this, but since the driver is fully GPL most
>> likely people will eventually get it working quite well; this seems to
>> be what happened with ath9k, which sucked for a long time but in
>> 2.6.32 seems to be very nice.
> I highly doubt that will happen with the 6001. I don't want to go into the
> details of the firmware revisioning here etc. It just won't happen.
> Why do you think the KDDI microSD card (which may never be produced) has
> a 6001? The 6001 is an old chip and not recommended or supported for new
> designs. The 6002 moved away from flash so you need to load a binary blob
> at boot time (more about that below).

I was under the false impression that everything in the Atheros AR600x
series didn't need binary blobs; apologies.

The KDDI microSD card specifically says it uses AR6002, so I guess it
is no better than the card you guys were already considering.

The is an
SD sized Atheros AR6001GZ chipset device (exactly the same chipset as
the openmoko freerunner as far as I can tell), so perhaps that + the
microSD to SD adapter mentioned earlier is an option for people who
refuse to use any hardware that requires binary blobs.

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