Nanonote degrees of freedom

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Sun Jan 24 02:29:19 EST 2010

This short interview [1] with Richard Stallman
caused me to wonder how does Nanonote compare
with the Lemote Yelong [2] netbook in terms of using
only free and open software?

>From another article, I seem to remember
RMS does not use WiFi but I may be wrong about that.

My gut says there Nanonote may have a few area at boot
such as magic bit patterns that set up memory etc etc
that while not technically BLOBS are undocumented and simply
reverse engineered from pre-existing non-free code.

I DO NOT CARE personally, period!

But in an ultra-pure world, where does one
draw a bright line between completely open and libre,
and almost completely open, but with shades of grey?


Ron K. Jeffries

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