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Hi Bas

I just add the LCD connector the same used in nano, I think that we can sell
LCD separately.

that's fine.  But if the board has all the features of the NanoNote
> built-in, it becomes something to replace the NanoNote.  That need not
> be a bad thing, of course. ;-)
> So my question is: what features of the NanoNote does it not have?

SAKC board don't have:

- Battery and power managment circuit.
- Keyboard.
- Mic and Speaker (SAKC provide just the access to this pins)

> Too bad the Jz4725 doesn't have USB host support...
Yes, Is a shame :(

Maybe, this board can attract more hardware hackers, right now, Ben Nanonote
is a bit closed, because we can interface easily external Hardware. The next
board AVT2 will have a usb host port, so we can add a lot of external
hardware to Nano


> Thanks,
> Bas
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