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Hi Ron

> What is cost to add a USB controller chip
> so SAKC can supports a USB host port?
Is very expensive, I mean, pcb size and ICs prices (the USB host controller
is more expensive than Ingenic processor), we can use an external peripheral
conneected to Data, Address and control CPU bus, but this increase the
At present SAKC board is a two layer board, I'm using TQFP chips, so any can
build the board.

> Since Ben Nanonote is USB device, wouldn't
> having USB host on SAKC make it a lot easier to
> get the two products to communicate smoothly?

You're right, right now I'm designing SAKC for the new Nano version AVT2,
this board have one USB host port.

But, I think that we can use the FPGA on SAKC board to emulate a SD
compatible device and connect with BEN.

 The goal of SAKC is supports all sorts of plug-ins

The  FPGA is ~THE~ distinguishing feature of SAKC

You're right, At present SAKC board has 25 Digital In/Out signals and 8
analog inputs.

> May 1,000 flowers bloom. How soon can the first protos
> be manufactured? will you build them in China or locally?
I think that the best choice is make the manufacturing process in China,
Here in Colombia is expensive.


Carlos Iván Camargo Bareño
Profesor Asistente
Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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