[Company] Weekly Operations Update 3 and 4/2010

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Mon Jan 25 20:29:58 EST 2010


---1 factory update about Ben NanoNote
We reflashed the 20100113 image on all ca. 1000 Ben NanoNotes in our factory,
found some more interesting bugs, etc. I took notes and will write up more
detailed stuff on the wiki and projects server this week.
As for when these guys make it to FOSDEM and other places, I am not sure. There
are still a number of customs and shipping formalities we need to go through.
Need to be patient...

---2 unique IDs and serial numbers
I have a question: How do we, as the Qi Hardware project, feel about unique
numbers and IDs in and on our devices, in general?
There seems to be a tendency to 'globally uniquely' number everything. And
track it in databases. Which one can make good use of, for example to do more
extensive logging during the production process, trace problems back to the root
cause, etc.
But there are also negative consequences, such as a removal of anonymity.
As a proposal, I would say we try to keep our products as anonymous as possible.
Use unique IDs only when they provide real value, and _ALWAYS_ disclose what
kind of numbers we have in which place.

So much for this time, cu soon,

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