[Fn] not work under GTK program.

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Tue Jan 26 03:25:45 EST 2010

Hi Mirko Vogt, Lars

it's a little hard for me. so I stop that work last week. 
work on other things. :-)

some info:
  the [Fn] + [NUMBERS] not work.
  I map the 
     [Fn] to CONTROLLEFT
  and change the defkeymap.map[1] like:
	altgr keycode 38 = braceright
	ctrll keycode 38 = six

the DirectFB can read the altgr but the ctrll.
I try to look into the driver/char/keybaord.c driver/input/keyboard/matrx_keypad.c.
but I am not make it work.

any help will be great.


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