[Company] Weekly Operations Update 3 and 4/2010

cristian paul peñaranda rojas paul at kristianpaul.org
Wed Jan 27 13:34:18 EST 2010

> Do you know the story about color laser printers printing the serial number
> (or actually whatever information) on every page they print?
> http://www.eff.org/pages/list-printers-which-do-or-do-not-display-tracking-dots
> I would be particularly pissed if this was introduced without my knowledge,
> which of course in this case (color laser printers), it was for years until
> someone figured it out.
I just a doubt, but this could  happen in some related way with procesors right?
> (if anybody has more, please speak up)

I think a batch number could be enought to just identify certain NN wich could
have hardware issues or some features that others dont. Then if some bug need to be
fixed or some espefic support need to be given, a batch number will help a lot
and dont compromise so much

> Ron - please also remember the NanoNote will hopefully not be our last
> product. We are thinking about phones, routers, etc.

cool for routers, maybe like mesh potato?

> But if we get back to doing a phone, yes, I think these things matter to us
> and our customers. Of course if nobody cares then it won't get made and people
> can happily use what they have today :-)

as people know they care, so provide generic non by ID indetificable hardware
is a good step for privacy from the hardware point of view

Cristian Paul

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