gmenu2x - a new menu for the nanonote

Zeartul zeartul at
Sun Jan 31 19:15:12 EST 2010

Hello everyone.
I just made an attempt of porting gmenu2x to the nanonote.
Gmenu2x is a graphical menu originally written for the GP2X handheld.
You can read more about it on it's home page [1], or check the
screenshots on google image [2].

The current status of gmenu2x on the nanonote is as follows:

* the menu in general
* you can browse the /card directory
* you can launch programs
* you can add new entries to the menu
* SD card capacity detection
Does not work (yet):
* battery status
* browsing of root ( / )
Not tested:
* cpu overclocking (might work, as it's set to the Dingoo A320 cpu)
* brightness control
* volume control

So what are the pros and cons of gmenu2x on the nanonote?

* a graphical menu
* fully customizable and themeable
* an ability to launch programs with parameters
* rom selector for emulators
* can't run two apps at a time
* the menu scans for a certain executable format (currently .dge), so
need to introduce one for nanonote binaries
* the menu quits after it launches a selected program, so need to
introduce some kind of a loop that can start it over

The current button mapping on the nanonote is as follows:
A - z
B - x
X - s
Y - d
L - q
R - p
SELECT - esc
START - enter

You can download the gmenu2x nanonote port from my file archive [3].

The menu needs to be placed into /card/gmenu2x directory, otherwise it
might cause problems.

I hope you like it and I wait for the feedback :)


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