OpenCL for FPGA

Sébastien Bourdeauducq sebastien.bourdeauducq at
Sun Jul 4 11:14:17 EDT 2010

On Sunday 04 July 2010 16:53:30 Andrés Calderón wrote:
> A very interesting topic, OpenCL[1] for FPGA:
> le-systems-programming
> g.html

Looks like it's a lot of buzzwords and nothing much actually working in the 
end. The only proposed technical solution is to use Mitrionics or ImpulseC to 
automagically push a software implementation of OpenCL into the FPGA. 
Technically, it's not that simple. Besides that, Mitrionics and ImpulseC are 
yet other proprietary tools.

Oh my! the "prototype" announced for Q2 2010 is already late. From the blog[1] 
our developer just learned how to use the UCF constraints system. Seems the 
road is still long until we see OpenCL on his FPGA board.

> Anyone know if there is already OpenCL implementations for FPGAs?

There aren't any, or they are proprietary or not serious (like the one you 

> Could this be a very nice project born from the Qi-community.

If we have several FPGA experts to throw at it, yes. Implementing OpenCL in 
hardware is all but simple.



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