proposal: how to the unify the user interface

Mirko Vogt lists at
Mon Jul 5 05:27:23 EDT 2010

Hey folks,

I'd like to pickup the discussion about how to exit applications on the

As we're currently not using a X11-server and therewith do not have any
window-manager, every application (or the toolkit the app is based on)
has to take care by its own, how to quit the app and get back to the

I'd like to ask for / suggest combinations to make this possible in a
consistent way.

As <ESC> may be used for special functions within the application
itself, I'd like to suggest a combination of <CTRL+q>.

I'd like to also appeal - after we've reached consensus - to the
programmers, to comply with this idea to get to an better and consistent
user interface.

Please contribute! :)



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