proposal: how to the unify the user interface

Sébastien Bourdeauducq sebastien.bourdeauducq at
Mon Jul 5 05:47:12 EDT 2010

On Monday 05 July 2010 11:27:23 Mirko Vogt wrote:
> As we're currently not using a X11-server and therewith do not have any
> window-manager, every application (or the toolkit the app is based on)
> has to take care by its own, how to quit the app and get back to the
> menu.

By the way, what about porting the Android GUI to the Nanonote?
AFAIK it is the only GUI system for Linux that has an appreciable number of 
supported applications without using the bloated, memory-leaking, slow, 
outdated, uselessly complex and abominable X-Windows system.


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