proposal: how to the unify the user interface

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> > matchbox run over X
> Yeah, and having tried it on the Nokia 770 and N800, I can tell you that
> you can feel the slowness of X-Windows in the (lack of) responsiveness of
> the UI. X-Windows is a bad idea, especially on embedded systems that cannot
> absorb all its overhead as good as PCs do.

Jlime uses X on HP Jorndas (133mhz cpu, 16MB of RAM, tiny screen as well). We 
have been developing Linux for HP Jornadas for many years, and it is not
a good idea, I guess, to have a "statement" saying :  "X works" / "X doesn't work",
"useful" / "useless".. We have a stable distribution for those machines, Vargtass,
and the list of applications, for a really slower and less RAM than nn
(HP Jornadas), includes :

X, icewm (and jwm), xfe file manager, dillo, abiword, xpdf, gimp, (all of them
using gtk1), konqueror embedded, games, calendars, etc..

But it was not a work of a couple of weeks, the Vargstas main developer has tested 
and configured a lot of applications on X, so we found the best ones. 
So I would say that X is pretty nice if you set properly the 
environment/applications to use few resources and the little screen, and people 
here, who have tried Jlime before, in HP Jornadas, would say the same I guess.

I thinkt that the challenge in nn is NOT CPU/RAM, but the tiny screen, and a huge
list of X applications is waiting to be tested and set properly, so we
can find the best ones.

But, of course, Nokia has tried (surely) to use the latest versions of many 
applications perhaps, and that could be hard in embedded systems. For example, 
I would say, from our previous work on Vargtass, that gtk2 applications is not 
a good idea neither, for HP Jornadas, nor NN. Maybe if the program is just too 
simple works well. But we have seen/tested that these never worked nice.

Regards, Rafa

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