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On Mon, Jul 05, 2010 at 06:49:56PM -0300, Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
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> > > matchbox run over X

and does well on the nano, (forgot my lacking argue before)
> > 
> > Yeah, and having tried it on the Nokia 770 and N800, I can tell you that
> > you can feel the slowness of X-Windows in the (lack of) responsiveness of
> > the UI. X-Windows is a bad idea, especially on embedded systems that cannot
> > absorb all its overhead as good as PCs do.
> Jlime uses X on HP Jorndas (133mhz cpu, 16MB of RAM, tiny screen as well). We 
> have been developing Linux for HP Jornadas for many years, and it is not
> a good idea, I guess, to have a "statement" saying :  "X works" / "X doesn't work",
> "useful" / "useless".. We have a stable distribution for those machines, Vargtass,
> and the list of applications, for a really slower and less RAM than nn
> (HP Jornadas), includes :
> X, icewm (and jwm), xfe file manager, dillo, abiword, xpdf, gimp, (all of them
> using gtk1), konqueror embedded, games, calendars, etc.. 
> But it was not a work of a couple of weeks, the Vargstas main developer has tested 
> and configured a lot of applications on X, so we found the best ones. 
> So I would say that X is pretty nice if you set properly the 
> environment/applications to use few resources and the little screen, and people 
> here, who have tried Jlime before, in HP Jornadas, would say the same I guess.
> I thinkt that the challenge in nn is NOT CPU/RAM, but the tiny screen, and a huge
> list of X applications is waiting to be tested and set properly, so we
> can find the best ones.


I heard befoire that we must reuse what is alreadi done,
jumping to X will bring us new apps to deploy, of course
some will run slow other dont, and we hace rafa
experience on the field to support us
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