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Earlier, Wolfgang said re other comments:

> > Thanks - carefully read and noted and will be considered. There will be
> a lot more Ya discussions soon...
2010/7/7 Andrés Calderón <andres.calderon at>

Just to mention some 'ya'wishes..  I like a Ya-nano like a Sharp
PC-Z1 NetWalker.
     Andrés Calderón
   Cel:     +57 (300) 275 3666

~~~ Ron K Jeffries adds: ~~~

Form factor of Sharp PC-Z1 is perfect IMHO.

Ben Nanonote is a clever device, but it's not
clear (to me) that considering Ben as the base
for a significant next product is a sound idea.

The first round of discussions should not be
constrained by the current model. A better
way is to get a clear understanding of how
people would like to use a less constrained
but very open (as copyleft as is practical)
new personal computing device.

There may be (significant) interest in doing an open GPS nav device. That's
cool, but would not be my choice for use as easily portable Linux
'puter used (among many other things) as a convenient portable terminal for
servers, routers etc.

Long story short, I encourage the community
to talk about WHY (use cases) for the "next Nanonote"  before we shift to
WHAT, the discussion of feature details.

--ron k jeffries
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