proposal: how to the unify the user interface

Sam Geeraerts samgee at
Thu Jul 8 12:51:46 EDT 2010

Wolfgang Spraul schreef:
> IMO there is no point in making improved copyleft hardware until the free
> software we have today maxes out our current hardware. The Ben is great
> today, and becomes more and more useful every month. But still it's far
> less usable than any proprietary dictionary device. Not good. That needs
> to be improved before hardware improvements are made. Or does copyleft
> hardware to you mean to spend a lot of money in hardware to overcome
> the deficiencies of free software and content?
> I have no problem selling the Ben NanoNote for another 5 years. There is
> no copyleft hardware competition anyway, and we have time to make the free
> technology really solid, deeper and more usable.


> When we have enough good free software and content on the Ben, and enough
> proven hardware hacks on the Ben, we know it's time to move to Ya.
> Way to go Ben NanoNote! :-)
> Wolfgang

Excellent plan.

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