Iris runs from SD card

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Sat Jul 10 14:38:02 EDT 2010


A few notes:

Since I couldn't test the u-boot step, I didn't notice that the image
identified itself as powerpc.  I fixed that.  A new image (with today's
date) is on

For compiling, I forgot that the server needs the headers to be
preprocessed by pypp.  This is a bootstrapping problem, because the
build assumes the server is already running.

However, it's not a big problem, all you need to do is compile Iris
first, which will compile the server and fail on restarting it, then
start the server and rerun make, which will then work.  I've changed
this in the instructions on the wiki.

Also, I didn't mention the serial port speed, if you want to look at its
output.  It should be set to 9600 baud.  This is automatically done if
you run "make setup", which also starts the usb server.

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