Iris runs from SD card

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Sun Jul 11 12:37:47 EDT 2010

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 11:58:02PM +0800, Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> On 07/11/2010 02:38 AM, Bas Wijnen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> A few notes:
>> Since I couldn't test the u-boot step, I didn't notice that the image
>> identified itself as powerpc.  I fixed that.  A new image (with today's
>> date) is on
> now it's give another error:
> NanoNote# fatload mmc 0 0x80600000 uimage
> reading uimage
> 160920 bytes read
> NanoNote# bootm
> ## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 80600000 ...
>    Image Name:   Iris
>    Image Type:   MIPS Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
>    Data Size:    160856 Bytes = 157.1 KiB
>    Load Address: 80000000
>    Entry Point:  a0023000
>    Verifying Checksum ... OK
>    Uncompressing Kernel Image ... Error: Bad gzipped data
> GUNZIP: uncompress, out-of-mem or overwrite error - must RESET board to recover

Hmm, that's a problem.  It seems that u-boot can't load a kernel at
80000000.  I'll have to work around that.  That takes some time.

Thanks for letting my know.

>> For compiling, I forgot that the server needs the headers to be
>> preprocessed by pypp.  This is a bootstrapping problem, because the
>> build assumes the server is already running.
>> However, it's not a big problem, all you need to do is compile Iris
>> first, which will compile the server and fail on restarting it, then
>> start the server and rerun make, which will then work.  I've changed
>> this in the instructions on the wiki.
> I follow the wiki step. I am try to compile the sd card image.
> 1. Go to mips/nanonote/server and run autoreconf -fis; ./configure --prefix=/tmp
> 2. Go back to the root source directory and run make setup.
> it give me:
> xiangfu at openmobilefree:~/workspace/iris.git$ make setup
> make: *** No rule to make target `setup'.  Stop.
> xiangfu at openmobilefree:~/workspace/iris.git$ make
> make: *** No rule to make target `init.elf', needed by `mips/entry.o'.  Stop.

This is really strange.  You should have "include Makefile.arch" in
Makefile, and Makefile.arch should be symlinked to mips/Makefile.arch,
which should be symlinked to mips/nanonote/Makefile.arch.  It should
contain a rule for "setup".

If things have been wrong before, in some cases it may help to do
"make clean".  It doesn't sound like it will help in this case, but it
doesn't harm to try.

By the way, building should be done on a file system which allows
symbolic links, so not fat.

If you didn't, you should also use "git pull" to get the latest version
of the source.

Please check if the Makefile and Makefile.arch look as they should, and
if "git pull" and "make clean" help in any way.

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