Iris runs from SD card

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Sun Jul 11 23:59:52 EDT 2010

Hi Bas

my fault. "make clean" does the job.

I make git pull first. git merge an old Makefile.arch.
"git diff" give no file changed.
"git status" give some info about file format changed.

I am not notice the "git status" warning before.

thanks. now I got the iris-sd.tar compiled :)

On 07/12/2010 12:37 AM, Bas Wijnen wrote:
> This is really strange.  You should have "include Makefile.arch" in
> Makefile, and Makefile.arch should be symlinked to mips/Makefile.arch,
> which should be symlinked to mips/nanonote/Makefile.arch.  It should
> contain a rule for "setup".
> If things have been wrong before, in some cases it may help to do
> "make clean".  It doesn't sound like it will help in this case, but it
> doesn't harm to try.
> By the way, building should be done on a file system which allows
> symbolic links, so not fat.
> If you didn't, you should also use "git pull" to get the latest version
> of the source.
> Please check if the Makefile and Makefile.arch look as they should, and
> if "git pull" and "make clean" help in any way.
> Thanks,
> Bas

Best Regards
Xiangfu Liu

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